Unlimited pool of expertise

Partitus is a novel approach of mobilising a global network of experts for all aspects of sustainability challenges. Our teams cover energy, environment, public health and social entrepreneurship. We excel in identifying and engaging the best available specialists and have unique referral and peer-review mechanisms that enhance scientific credibility and robustness. Our tailored solutions are of particularly high value to institutions, corporations and consultancies with the strictest requirements of responsiveness and quality.

Our focus

We specialise on subject matters where knowledgeable professionals are hardest to find. Our unique pool of carefully vetted experts are proficient in the following domains of expertise:
Public health:
Social impact:

What we do

Find the expert

We believe that extensive knowledge of the subject matter coupled with established professional networks are the ideal starting points for finding the right match between needs and offers. Our unique, customised research enables us not only to identify and engage the optimal candidates but also to vouch for their professional qualities.

Create teams

Individual consultants can be useful. Putting together the ideal mix of talents needed to explore an issue and find answers exactly the way it is needed, is another challenge. We take it! In fact, it is one of our forte.

Offer a range of deliverables

We can meet needs with a quick analysis of a problem or situation; complex studies; presentations, talks and trainings as well as complete project management from planning to implementation.

Manage output

We take care not only of finding the right contributors – typically within 72 hours after receiving a request – but also of managing all subsequent interactions to ensure the timeliness of the final output and the efficiency of any follow-up actions.

Control quality

Our network is not only the source of world-class experts who deliver your project but also that of peer-reviewers. Independent peer-review is a key to ensure that the output is of the highest standard.

Trust us with your most critical missions

Efficiency, confidentiality, timeliness
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Added values


We believe that real value is created when needs are shaping the outputs. That's why we regularly update on progress and respond to queries in a timely manner. Down the road, this makes outputs easy to integrate into decision-making with no time wasted in the process.

Global coverage

Face-to-face meetings still count! Many of our contributors are based in Paris, France, but our core team is spread across continents. This means that we can identify experts where you need – for example in New York, Toronto, Budapest, Bangkok, Johannesburg and Sydney.

Shared knowledge

People in our constantly growing network have one thing in common: they are readily sharing their expertise. Even though they might not be actively seeking consultancy opportunities, they are interested in taking on challenges on an ad hoc basis. It's a win-win for all.

Management team

Michael Bret

Michael Bret


Michael is an economist, mathematician and econometrician specialising in sustainable growth, food systems, evaluation of public policy and corporate responsibility issues and has an extensive experience in finance and energy. He regularly features in international media through French- and English-speaking broadcasts and written press to comment on economic as well as geostrategic developments.

Veronika Gyuricza, PhD

Veronika Gyuricza, PhD


Veronika is an environmental engineer and an energy and foreign policy analyst with over 10 years of international experience in public and private sectors and has extensive experience in project management and in providing strategic policy advice. She is also a well-published scientist, having worked in research fields including radioecology, bioremediation, microbiology and ecotoxicology.

Currently working with

Looking for experts?

Partitus offers to take the burden of finding the experts, defining their tasks and monitoring their output off your shoulder without tying you to pre-set resources. You could also say that our capabilities are unlimited because our expert pool is not. The good thing is that this is not reflected in overhead costs - because we don't have them.

Whether your project is still in gestation and you need assistance in shaping it or you have it all worked out already, we are here to help.

Looking for projects?

With the current dynamics of the global economy there is an increasing need for leveraging the crowd and move towards and enhanced knowledge sharing in all sectors. More and more professionals are willing to do project-based work at least from time-to-time. If you are one of them, we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please send us an email to get in touch.